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  • RECORDING :: Whether it’s a full vocal, backing vocals, a guitar solo, or just a synth part, we have the expertise to deliver the professional results you’re looking for. We also have a wide network of talented musicians, who can be relied upon to deliver consistent results. Typically, most sessions involve just one or two musicians or singers, & whilst it's not always practical for sessions to be attended, we go out of our way to ensure good communication, & make sure that your brief is fulfilled.

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  • MIXING :: Mixing makes up the bulk of our work & is what we enjoy most. Increasingly, more & more people are able to create competent productions in the comfort of their own environments, but lose perspective when it comes to mix-down. We offer an objective, unbiased approach to your production, & aim to exceed expectations. We provide up to three ‘progress’ mix versions, (plus a 24 bit Master). We can accept session files in a variety of formats, & have recently added an upload page.

Audio Mastering
  • MASTERING :: Happy with your mix, but need to make it commercially presentable? We can make your mix louder, & give it the polish it deserves. In addition to making your production internet & itunes friendly, we can also add the necessary metadata to ensure your track is properly accredited to you & everyone involved (essential for publishing purposes). We can also create & add artwork to your production. We master primarily for web & mp3 devices using class leading Sonnox Codec.

Need a different slant on your production - from R&B to Hip Hop, House to Broken Beat & anything in between, we can fit your track to another genre to complete your remix package, giving your release the exposure it deserves.
Beat Production
Tired of using loops & searching for original beats? Whether it's a tight programmed MPC beat, or a 'live' drum sound you're after, we can deliver what you need. We provide you with the solid foundations on which to build your track.
Vocal Production
Struggling with getting your vocal recordings sounding professional? We can tune, tighten & balance your vocals, BV's & harmonies (using Melodyne, Autotune & VocAlign). We then send you the stems ready to drop into your production.
Midi Parts & Sounds
Need some inspiration for your production – send us a midi file, & take advantage of our analogue synth collection & Virtual Instrument library. We also provide special FX from our range of plug-ins from Soundtoys, Eventide, & Lexicon.
Sound Design
Looking for something special? We can create unique soundscapes for a wide range of uses, including websites, advertising, film & radio. Whether it's a full soundtrack, or just background atmospherics, contact us today for a quotation.
Artwork is as important as ever in the digital age, but often overlooked. We can provide a competitive solution, whether for mp3, CD, LP or 12". Using Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, we can give your release the attention it deserves.
From seasoned professionals, to those starting out, we offer a wide range of solutions to fit every budget. As every project is unique, we price projects & services on an individual basis. Contact us today to discuss your requirements & to get an accurate quotation.
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